Break the silence.
Break the Silence

Confidentiality This is crucially important in a project such as ours. We keep minimum records for statistical purposes and operate an Open Access Policy.

What We Offer

Information Sessions

These are given to all new referrals. It enables us to discuss with survivors what the project provides and enables them to choose which service best suits them.

Support Groups

Group work is an important aspect of Break the Silence and offers many advantages in the healing process. The sense of isolation can be broken down by sharing and contact with others who have similar experiences and the support of others can also help individuals face the reality of what has happened. Many survivors find it helps to share their experiences with other survivors in a group setting. There will be separate groups for male and female survivors.

One to One Support

Offering a safe environment for individuals enabling exploration of loss, grief, anger and the emotional impact that childhood sexual abuse has had on their lives.


The project has a selection of books covering a range of issues relating to sexual abuse. This resource is available to survivors, their partners and professionals working alongside adult survivors.


Staff and volunteers are always on hand to offer support if required, or just chat, within an informal setting with refreshments provided.


Some Issues for Survivors


Memories of abusive experiences often return in the form of flashbacks. They can be frightening and can happen at any time. They can be triggered by current experiences that remind you of the abuse. Flashbacks can also be triggered by present situations which seem totally unrelated. Many survivors feel they are "going mad" when flashbacks occur and may resort to self-harming behaviour. It is important to remind yourself that you are safe.

Self Harm

Self-harming behaviour is very common in survivors, particularly when they feel unable to express feeling such as rage, guilt, sadness or when they are remembering details of the sexual abuse. Healing from the effects of sexual abuse often involves painful and difficult memories resurfacing. Break the Silence will allow you to look at past coping mechanisms and enable you to find less harmful ways of dealing with your pain.




Supporting our clients